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        Anion PAM

        Cationic PAM Functional Profile

        Cationic polymer flocculant is a water-soluble linear polymer compound, molecular weight between 400-1200 million, soluble in ethanol, insoluble in methyl ethyl ketone, esters, hydrocarbons and other organic solvents. Cationic PAM in the acidic or alkaline medium showed electropositive, which can effectively sewage suspended particles with negative charge of the flocculation sedimentation. Such as the production of food alcohol wastewater, paper waste water, municipal wastewater treatment plant wastewater, beer wastewater, MSG wastewater, sugar wastewater, high organic content of wastewater, beverage wastewater, textile printing and dyeing wastewater. In addition, cationic PAM can also be used as chemical additives in oilfields, such as clay anti-swelling agent, thickening agent for oilfield acidification, and papermaking enhancer.


        Anionic PAM functional profile

        Anionic polymer flocculant, mainly for the treatment of inorganic solids-based neutral suspension. In urban and industrial wastewater treatment, used to improve the removal of suspended solids, BOD and phosphate in wastewater. Adding 0.25mg / L hydrolyzed polyacrylamide into the primary wastewater sedimentation tank, the removal rate of suspended solids and BOD can be increased to 66% and 23% respectively; adding 0.3mg / L anionic flocculation to the secondary wastewater treatment sedimentation tank Agent, suspended solids and BOD can be increased to 87% and 91%, respectively, while the phosphorus removal from the original 35% to 91% in the treatment of drinking water and domestic wastewater for surface water clarification, flushing wastewater The clarification and filtrate adjustment process. In mining, for the clarification and flotation tailings cleaning fluid, coal filtration, tailings (slag) dehydration, flotation tailings clarification, concentrate thickening and filtration, hot solution of potash and flotation processing liquid Clarification, fluorite and barite flotation tailings clarification, but also for salt processing of raw brine, sludge dewatering clarification and recovery of phosphate ore water treatment. In the foundry and metal manufacturing industries, for open hearth gas wash water purification, powder metallurgy plant and pickling plant wastewater clarification, electrolytic cleaning and clarification of electroplating waste.

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