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        High efficiency polymerized ferric chloride(PFC)


        ,X is an efficient compound

        Efficient polymerization of ferric chloride is based on the latest eco-friendly concept developed a new type of highly efficient water treatment agent, the coagulation performance is superior to the existing variety of inorganic coagulants at home and abroad.

        (A), efficient polymerization of ferric chloride characteristics:

        1, purified water does not contain harmful aluminum ions.

        2, Purified sludge without secondary pollution, you can once again return to nature, back to nature.

        3, to adapt to a wide range of raw water PH, PH4.0-11.0 of raw water can be condensed.

        4, the removal efficiency of organic matter (COD) than the average coagulant 10-20%.

        5, rapid formation of flocs, floc large, quick settling, water purification excellent, can improve the handling capacity.

        6, water purification agent costs lower than the PAC.

        7, product stability and salt base degree is far higher than the polymerization of ferric sulfate.

        8, suitable for a wide range of water quality.

        (B), the main application:

        1, industrial water treatment.

        2, urban sewage treatment.

        3, membrane treatment of raw water pretreatment.

        4, all kinds of industrial wastewater treatment, the printing and dyeing, paper, leather, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical, metallurgy and other industries wastewater treatment.

        5, sewage dehydration, especially for the hair coagulation of alcohol residue has a very good effect.



        domestic sewage Sample Before dealing After dealing
        Mine, oilfield injection water Paper making    
        papermaking Smelting    
        Washing media Coal clearing    
        metallurgy Municipal Sewage    
        printing and dyeing Dyeing    
        plating Pharmacy    



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